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How do I obtain an Oregon restraining order?
To obtain a restraining order in Oregon, you must file a petition with the Circuit Court in the county where you live or where the abuse occurred. You'll need to complete the necessary forms, provide detailed information about the abuser and incidents of abuse, and attend a hearing before a judge who will assess your request.
What happens if someone violates an Oregon restraining order?
Violating an Oregon restraining order is considered contempt of court and can result in criminal charges such as misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the severity of violation; this may lead to fines or imprisonment.
Can an Oregon restraining order be modified or terminated?
Yes, either party can request modifications or termination of a restraining order by filing appropriate paperwork with the court and attending another hearing before a judge who will consider whether circumstances have changed sufficiently to warrant changes.
How do I obtain an Oregon stalking protective order?
To obtain a stalking protective order, you need to file a petition at your local circuit court, describing the stalking incidents and providing evidence of the behavior. After reviewing your petition, a judge may grant a temporary order, followed by a hearing to decide whether to issue a permanent order.
How long does an Oregon restraining order last?
Temporary restraining orders typically last until your court hearing date, which is usually within 14 days. If granted by a judge after this hearing, a final restraining order can last up to one year but can be renewed if needed. In some cases involving extreme risk protection orders or stalking protective orders, they may be indefinite.
How do I obtain an Oregon Stalking Order?
To obtain an Oregon Stalking Order, you must file a petition with the circuit court in your county. You will need to provide evidence of stalking behavior, such as police reports, witness statements, or documentation of threats. A judge will review your case and may issue a temporary order before scheduling a hearing to determine if a permanent order is necessary.
What is an Oregon stalking protective order?
An Oregon stalking protective order is a legal document issued by a court to protect a person from being harassed, intimidated, or followed by another individual. It aims to prevent further stalking behavior by the respondent (the accused stalker) and to ensure the petitioner's (the victim's) safety.
Can a respondent fight against an Oregon restraining order?
Yes, if you are served with a temporary restraining order, you have the right to request a hearing before a judge within 30 days to contest its issuance. It is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney experienced in family law and divorce matters for guidance.
Can I get an Oregon Stalking Order against someone who lives in another state?
Yes, you can obtain an Oregon Stalking Order against someone who lives in another state if they are engaging in stalking behavior towards you while you reside in Oregon. In such cases, it's crucial to work with your attorney and local law enforcement agencies to enforce the order across state lines.
How much does an Oregon uncontested divorce cost?
The cost of an Oregon uncontested divorce varies depending on factors such as attorney fees (if applicable), court filing fees, and any additional expenses related to paperwork or mediation. On average, an uncontested divorce can cost significantly less than a contested one.

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